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Bruce Pendleberry, OMD, LAc    dr-bruce-pendleberry-headshot was created to help my patients’ and others understand Chinese Medicine and my own thoughts about health and disease.

Active & Preventive Medicine
You May Have To Work For It
But You Are Worth It

Active & Preventive Medicine is when both the Doctor and Patient Actively participate in the treatment process. In most cases, the Doctor will have the most influence in the treatment process because of his knowledge of the condition and his skill in performing the procedures needed*

Other times the patient may have a greater influence because they are the only one that can Actively change their habits or lifestyle that directly influences the conditions being treated, but they don’t know what changes they need to do and again this is the Doctor’s responsibility to Actively teach them the skills needed to help correct and Prevent the conditions at hand.
In both cases these changes can help Prevent future occurrences of this disorder or disease.

There is a lot of information here and some of the terms are foreign (literally). I have links to many of them with their definition or explanations.
If you understand what I do and how I do it, then the treatment process will be quicker and more effective.

* Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Tui Na, Micro-current Therapy, Cupping, Auricular Medicine, Korean Hand Therapy, Korean 4 Constitutional Acupuncture, Mirroring and Imaging Distal Acupuncture, AcuGraph Digital Channel Imaging, Cold Laser Therapy, and Magnet Acupuncture Therapy.

“The Western Medical model is a fantastic and very expensive system based on treating people after they are sick. While Eastern Medical Model is no less fantastic but a very inexpensive system of healthcare based on keeping people well.”

The blending of both will benefit us all!

Dr. Bruce Pendleberry, OMD, LAc, DHM

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