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Moxibustion and Heat Therapy

These are methods of applying a heat stimulus to the body by burning the dried and sifted leaf particles from the herb mugwort on or close to the skin, or using special heat lamps with far or near infrared head, with the aim of freeing qi and blood, coursing Qi, dispersing cold, eliminating dampness, and warming yang. Moxibustion is divided into two distinct methods: indirect moxibustion that is held above the point and direct moxibustion that is applied directly on the skin. Sometimes moxibustion or heat therapy is more effective than acupuncture, whereas at other times the two have a synergistic effect.




In this office we use a special lamp called the TDP Health Lamp. The TDP Lamp features a plate coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 33 elements, which emits a special band of electromagnetic waves ranging fro 2-25 microns in wavelength and 28-34 mw/per sq cm in intensity that coincide with the wavelengths and intensity of the electromagnetic waves released by the human body. These electromagnetic waves are absorbed by the body and have been found to yield therapeutic effect on the human body by helping to generate various beneficial biochemical stimuli that the body may lack due to illness, accident, or injury; accelerating the decomposition of unusable structures such as bad cells while promoting circulation and regeneration of the damaged cells and tissue, ultimately enhancing the body’s normal functions.

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