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MicroNeedling – Facial Rejuvenation – Hair Restoration

A Comprehensive Anti-Aging Treatment Protocol for Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration!

NANO Needling!
LED Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation!
Apple Stem Cells with Copper Peptides!
A Custom Facial and Hair Serum for MicroNeedling Treatment and home treatment!

The newest modality and treatment I offer is a comprehensive anti-aging treatment protocol for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration to make you look and feel younger.

This comprehensive procedure takes approximately 1 hour to complete and consists of the following.

*Throughout the whole treatment you will be lying on a special mat that incorporates Red & NIR Light Therapy, Far Infrared and Negative Ions from 8 different color gemstones and PEMF*

1. Facial cleansing wipe: If needed. You want to come with clean skin, so no lotion, makeup or any other facial products the day of treatment and the day after. You will go home with a custom facial or hair serum that is made for your MicroNeedling Procedure and after care.

2. Light Therapy, described below and a numbing cream/gel if needed.

PDT LED Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine that works on all 3 sides of the face with 7 different therapeutic colors/frequencies (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, or White) for the specific condition that you are coming in for. This will last for 15 minutes before starting the next procedure.

3. MicroNeedling or Collagen Induction Therapy, is the next procedure; it is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a pen like device with a sterile, single-use fine needle cartridge that punctures the epidermis to create microchannels to greatly increase the absorption of topical products and micro wounds that help the skin repair itself naturally through a reorganization of old collagen fibers and laying down of new collagen, elastin and capillaries that improve skin tightness and texture called dermal remodeling.

This skin remodeling treatment is used for:
Fine lines and wrinkles
Reduction in sun damage (photo aging)
Melisma and Uneven skin tone from Hyper and Hypo Pigmentation
Reduction in scars and acne
Stretch marks
Skin dullness and tone
Sagging skin
Enlarged pores
Hair loss, chronic or acute such as Alopecia Areata

It also increases absorption of topical serums up to 300%, this is one of its major benefits
when using topical serums and why it works so well.

3.25. A customized serum with Apple Stem Cells (can promote human stem cell production up to 80%), copper peptides with other nutritive and herbal products specific to your condition will be applied topically while I am doing the MicroNeedling procedure which greatly enhances the absorption into the deeper layers of the skin.

4. A Special Collagen Silk Peptide Facial Mask will be applied along with your 2nd treatment with the PDT LED Light therapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine, usually with the Red Color/Frequency to calm the skin and promote even more collagen production.

This completes your Facial Rejuvenation treatment.

You will take home the remainder of your customized apple stem cell, copper peptide + serum that was used during your MicroNeedling procedure to apply at home for the next few days which will greatly enhance and prolong your treatment even more.

Aftercare: Your skin will be much more susceptible to sun and chemical damage the day of and day after your procedure so no makeup or any facial products except for the custom made serum you received from me.
Don’t go in the sun without a hat to shade your face and a zinc based sunscreen.

MicroNeedling can only be done once every 3-4 weeks to allow complete healing of the skin before the next treatment. To see the full benefit of MicroNeedling we recommend 3 or more sessions that build upon each other for prolonged effects that can last months at a time. You can still improve the treatment outcome with weekly NANO needle Procedure and/or MicroNeedling every 6 weeks or as needed.

We also offer the NANO needle Procedure which can be done weekly to stimulate the top layer of the skin.
The NANO cartridge differs from the MicroNeedling cartridge by incorporating 81 silicone tips instead of needles. This separates the cells of the skin to allow topical products up to a
90+% product absorption and stimulates circulation to the surface of the skin.

Less invasive treatment to
Increase topical product absorption up to 90+%
Circulation to the surface of the skin
Stimulates Collagen production
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Increase skin hydration and softness
Reduction of hyperpigmentation and
Soften age spots with an added benefit of a
Plump and luminous complexion with
No down time.
Can be done weekly.

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