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Past Emails

Below are some of the past emails sent out to patients.


This email talks about the general term “stress”, Heart Rate Variability, and how HRV can be used as another way to monitor or adaptability to our daily stress.

Stress and HRV

This email talks about correct breathing, sleeping, and mouth or nasal breathing, and setting up a home gym.

Nasal, Abdominal Breathing and Home Exercise

This email talks about what you can do to Promote Health, Slow Down Aging, and Promote Stem Cell Production

What can I do Promote Health, Slow Down Aging and Promote Stem Cell Production

This email is about RED & NIR Light Therapy and Insurance coverage for 2024

What’s New: Red & NIR Light Therapy and Insurance

This email is about Microneedling and Photo Biomodulation Therapy for Face, Hair and Skin Rejuvenation

A Comprehensive Anti-Aging Treatment Protocol for Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration! 

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