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Health Related Links

Just another processed fast food: A good article about Impossible Foods and the harm it is doing to us and the environment.

Acupuncture Links



Emotional Freedom Technique Links

Dr Mercola’s EFT site has a good visual guide for Emotional Freedom Techniques®.

Alternative Treatments Links
Dr. Burzynski Clinic for Alternative Cancer Treatment.

Earthing and Grounding Links

Earthing or Grounding. The connection with the earth.

Exercise Links

If you are looking for a Tai Chi Chuan Instructor for classes my patients recommend Clifton Gore and his website is below.

A good “body weight only” exercise routine.

General Links

Environmental Working Group is a great site to check for chemical toxins in food, shampoo, sun screen, makeup, water bottles and more, plus they have a Android and iPhone app.

American Board Of Internal Medicine Choose Wisely Campaign.
This website tells you the most common test or procedures that you over performed or used for each Medical Specialty. A Very Good Website to Inform Patients and help Physicians reduce cost for Patients.

Insurance Links


Nutrition and Food Links

Institute for Responsible Technology is a site with GMO/GE information. They only have a iPhone app now, Android app coming soon.

True Food Network is a great Food and GMO information site.
They also have a Android and iPhone app.

The Cornucopia Institute

The Worlds Healthiest Foods

Other Links


Breast Ultrasound Center in Pasadena specializes in breast screening and the early detection of breast cancers that are most frequently missed with mammography.

Beyond Pesticides talks about pesticide use, and how it relates to your health plus much more. They also have a section on do-it-yourself natural solutions to many pest problems in your yard and garden.

Learn how to make your own Cultured Foods with beneficial bacteria and yeast, I like this website.

If you don’t want to make your own Cultured Vegetables and Beverages, you can buy them at

A good website to learn about and how to sprout Grains, Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds.

Vaccine Information Links

National Vaccine Information Center has detailed vaccine information.











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