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Qi Gong Massager

The Infrasonic Qi Gong Massager is an alternative to drug therapy for those who suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, and injuries.
The Qi Gong Infrasonic Massager has been designed for the treatment of pain and the relief of stress and fatigue. It uses low frequency sound so there is no danger of deep tissue burns that are sometimes possible with ultrasound therapy.

This therapeutic massager increases blood circulation and the activity of the nervous system by stimulating local tissue, causing old fluids and waste products to move out of the area of pain/injury and fresh oxygenated fluids too flow into the area, improving the healing process and resulting in reduced swelling and relaxed muscles.

For stressed out anxious patient, I put it on the forehead or base of the skull to calm the mind.

The Qi Gong Massager doesn’t require ointments or gels, it’s applied directly to the skin or through clothing by a hand-held acoustic transducer. The Infrasonic QiGong employs randomized low-frequency acoustic signals in the range of 8 to 14Hz (Alpha brainwave frequency), and has been listed with the FDA.

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