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Magnet Acupuncture Therapy

Magnets may be used instead of needles on the traditional body acupuncture points and the Korean hand point system. Their influence is strong because they are an all or nothing type of stimulation, not like a needle which can be regulating, mildly stimulating or sedating. With magnets it is all north or all south and the Gauss strength is our only method of increasing or decreasing the degree of stimulation.

As a general rule they are worn for a couple of hours or over night if a low Gauss magnet is used. They can have a very quick response in some cases, sometimes within a couple minutes.

I also use Gold and Silver plated press pellets for a milder response and they can stay on longer for the desired affect.









General Information
Red = South (meaning it will face the North pole) = To Tone or Bring In, Gold, Copper Needles

Black = North (meaning it will face the South pole) = To Disperse or relax, Silver, Zinc Needles

Usually used in N & S pairs.

Mostly used for pain but can be used instead of needles with other disorders, either on the body or hand to strongly tonify or sedate a channel or organ system.

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